"If I’m asking you why I would want whatever’s in that bag, do you honestly think I would know what was in that bag?" she asked, tilting her head. "Call it whatever you want, still sounds like a bribe to me."

"I guess it sounds like it." Soul untied the small bag. It was only about the size of his palm and didn’t appear to be able to hold much."Well then how does this sound." Soul turned the bag over letting its contents fall into his hand underneath it. A steady stream of gold coins began to flow from the bag."Does this please you?"



"A bribe? Really? What makes you think I’ll want whatever’s in that bag?" she asked, tilting her head. She didn’t really care about what was in the bag to be honest, not unless it was something useful.

"A bribe? Don’t be silly I prefer the word incentive. A bribe is something that Shayla would do. Besides do you know what’s in this bag?"



"I could, but why should I let a stranger into my home?" she asked, tilting her head. "I can show you something interesting, but unfortunately, it’s not weapons and armor."

Soul thought for a moment then moving his hand behind his back brought forth a small tied bag.”I see you have a good point, So how does this sound? You show me something interesting and I’ll give you what’s in this bag.” He shook the bag slightly creating a noise similar to coins shaking together.



"Mansion actually, and yes, I live there. Looks can be deceiving, and unless you’ve been inside, I can understand why you say that. But if you were to go inside, you’d see it’s as modern as any other home." she said with a shrug. "But honestly, when we got the place, we kind of made it look creepy on the outside. It’s not as bad as it looks, I swear."

Soul laughed to himself.”Well then if that’s what you claim why don’t you prove it. I came here looking for new armors and weapons ,but seem to have came up empty handed. That being the case maybe this trip won’t be a total waste if you where to show me something interesting.”



She nodded her head, shrugging her shoulders. “That’s kind of the point, make it look creepy and haunted to keep people away, though I’m not sure who’s idea was that. People get curious about creepy old places.” she sighed. “In a town. Don’t ask me where, I don’t pay attention, I never leave this place. Toddlers are exhausting work.”

Soul picked up his sword placing it across his shoulders.”Well then where do you live. I can’t possibly be in that run down house. Doesn’t seem capable of standing much longer.”



Alex watched him critically. “I don’t see anyone else, do you?” she asked, rolling her eyes once more. She frowned slightly at being called young lady, though technically she was still one. It just sounded like something you called a teenager, but that’s not what she was, so it just annoyed her. “Soul, huh? Interesting name. Alex, and technically you are, but I don’t think anyone else who lives here will care considering how often we have guests.” she shrugged.

Soul looked at her a little annoyed with her eye rolling.” Alex was it? Well my apologizes for trespassing on your land. This place seemed so deserted i didn’t think anyone lived here. Where are we to be exact.”



Alex groaned, though she knew he wouldn’t hear it. She watched as he looked around, but she knew no one would be there. Soon he pointed to himself, and she rolled her eyes, her hands now on her hips. “Who else would I be talking to?”

Soul turned to look at stranger then stabbed his sword into the ground and leaned against it before replying.”I guess that would be me huh?” He laughed to himself before looking back at the stranger who by now he noticed was female.”I’m Soul. Who might you be young lady? Hope I’m not trespassing.”



For some reason on this particular night, fog surrounded the mansion grounds and everyone outside of the walls. Not that it bugged them too much, they liked it that way, made the place look more mysterious. It was dark now, and only half an hour past Raina and Luna’s bedtime, so Alex had already put them to bed. She had asked Kira, the white wolf that lived in the mansion, to watch over them whilst she went outside. It was nice and cold out, and she needed that for thinking. So she walked out the front door and down the steps, soon on the long road that led to the gates. She started pacing around, thinking to herself, talking to herself a bit, but soon the ginger saw a stranger coming closer to the mansion. Already the dragon got slightly defensive, tilting her head slightly and walking closer. “Who are you and why are you here?” she asked.

Soul was taken by surprise as the stranger turned and walked towards him asking him who he was. On impulse for some odd reason Soul looked around as if someone else was there besides him only to be met with no success. He looked back towards the stranger walking and gestured with his index pointed towards himself as if asking if they where referring to him.

A dense fog surrounded Soul as he walked down a dirt road till he was met with an old cracked street. He continued down the road covered in cracks with plants growing from them. The occasional street light flickered as he continued walking never seeing more then a few feet ahead of him due to the fog. His two swords hung from his waist as he came to a stone wall. It continued down the road as far as he could see with no signs of a door or any way in. Reaching for his sword he dragged it across the wall walking further down the road just about ready to call it quits and deem this trip a waste of time till he heard a metallic sound as his sword struck a metal gate. He reached for the gate only giving it a slight push when it swung forward slowly with a screeching noise indicating it hadn’t been properly oiled in sometime. A road was now before him as he stepped through the gates leading him to a rundown looking house. As Soul neared the house the fog lifted allowing him to see a stranger not to far from the house.



Having this argument with this stranger, was as though try to convince Mars: which in other words is hopeless. Time and time again, the goddess would still mistaken her gender even after the numerous of times she had tried. Might as well start getting used to this kinds of comments at this rate.

With her vexation settled in a mental debate, Yui couldn’t help but noticed that Soul has fell before picking himself up. Did she caused that?

"Just because I dress like this, it doesn’t mean that I’m a man."


There will be no apology though. After all, he had made the mistake to begin with. Still, she had offered to help with the directions. “Do you have anywhere specific that you want to go?”

Soul looked at Yui and ran a hand through his hair. He stepped around her looking at her up and down.” As I said I’m not from around here so I wouldn’t know where to go. I would be more than glad if you would show me around.” He continued to circle Yui looking closely at her.” Ok you say you’re a girl but you dress like a man yet you claim you’re a girl even though you’re dressed as a man, so how about you prove that you’re female? That’s shouldn’t be too hard.”

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